- VIDOCK is looking for a singer! If you are interested, feel free to contact us: metalvidock@seznam.cz

- David is endorsed by NBE GUITARS, the producer of SPECTOR basses. David got his new custom model Spector Rebop 4DLX Fretless. Promo pictures HERE + you can also watch a (Czech) promo video HERE..

- The band is composing and practising new songs.

Tomáš Eisler – guitars/vocals
David Hradílek – bass guitar
Jirí Hájek – drums

Faustum (full-length CD) 2010

100 Devils
Fall into the Abyss

VIDOCK is a heavy/thrash metal band from Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic). It was founded in 2007 by guitarist/singer Tomáš Eisler, bassist David Hradílek and drummer Jirí Hájek. In 2010 the band recorded its debut album called “Faustum“ which was self-released. In 2012-2013 there was a hiatus, but at the end of 2013 the band reunioned and started to compose new songs.



David is endorsed by